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The history of LUXROBO
was the history of challenge,
and it has always proposed
a new solution to the market.



    • LUXROBO Foundation

    • World ROBOFEST Championship 1st Place


    • Selected as the excellent youth company by the Small and Medium Business Administration

    • Established LUXROBO’s company laying laboratory

    • Futureplay attraction of investment


    • Completed the development of MODI OS

    • Completed the development of the 1st generation MODI

    • Established the U.S. branch

    • K-ICT grand prize (Awarded by Minister of Science, ICT and Future Planning)

    • Exported coding product with TSL, U.K educational organization

    • Echelon Asia Summit Top 11

    • Hanhwa Investment & Securities Co., Ltd, H Global, Mirae Asset Venture attraction of investment

    • Selected as an excellent design by Korea Institute of Design


    • Awarded by the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy

    • Reddot Design Award Winner

    • KOTRA export innovation award

    • K-Start-up Grand Prize (Prime Minister Award)

    • Kakao Investment, Kakao Brain attraction of investment

    • Signed MOU with Korea Association of Secondary Education Principals


    • IF Design Award Winner

    • Signed MOU with Arduino

    • Signed MOU with Korea Association of Secondary Education Principals

    • Selected as This Year’s Excellent Scientific Cultural Product

    • Signed a contract with Hanhwa Construction on IoT Smart Home business

    • Signed a contract with Busan Office of Education

    • Signed a contract with KDB


    • CES Innovation Award

    • Signed a contract with SEAMEO

    • Exported coding products to Luxembourg office of education

    • Released REDPEN CODING, a home coding product with Kyowon

    • Signed a contract with Company K, Timewise, DS Asset Management


    • Awarded Worlddidac Award

    • Signed a contract on Southeast Asia business with LG INTERNATIONAL CORP.

    • Released AI training product

    • Conducted teachers AI training targeting teachers in Korea

    • Signed a contract with Busan office of education

    • Signed a contract with Carrot Insurance Company to develop and supply IoT products


    • Produced and supplied “Carrot Plug”, Korea’s first UBI insurance product ‘Carrot Per Mile Car Insurance” and “Carrot Plug” mobility tracker for Carrot Insurance Company

    • Created sales profit and signed sole distributor contract with MODI China, Japan, Mongolia, etc.

    • Attracted Pre-IPO investment with Hanhwa System, Hanhwa Asset, etc. (Pre-money value of 200 billion won)

    • 2021 GESS Dubai awards (Device Hardware non-ICT section) Innovative Product Award

    • Software Research and Development Excellence Award


    • Secured growth driver for IoT through foundation of Lucky Box Solution Inc. and a joint venture with Carrot Insurance Company

    • Completed MODI hardware generation conversion and started production

    • Singed a supply contract for Hyundai Engineering parking sensor plug and completed product development

    • Quota investment for Quber Inc. – Android-embedded SW and smart device business

    • Quota investment for Kiyeno Plus Inc. – Smart IoT Design business

    • Completed M&A with High Act

    • Discussed to open a global coding competitive exhibition using MODI with USRA under NASA of the U.S.

    • Signed a contract for developing an app to enter the insuretech market with Hanhwa Life Indonesia