Hello, My world!

Use your imagination and create your own world!

MODI Software

We constantly update and improve our software in order to help you complete your projects.
Let your imagination roam free with MODI!

MODI Studio?

MODI Studio is an intuitive drag and stop syle coding program that is exclusively made for MODI Modules.
When you code with MODI studio, even if you have never learned coding before,
you will be able to complete various projects with ease!
You will figure out just how easy coding can be!

The 5 Major Elements of Coding

Based on the 5 grammatical elements needed in coding, we made it possible to practice them in various ways.
By combining the five coding grammatical elements, if, while, loop, number, and random,
you can completely customize MODI however you like!
These grammar elements are used conceptually in other coding languages too, so you can learn coding with ease!

How to Use MODI Studio?

MODI Play?

MODI Play is an app in which you can use various smart phone functions just LINK MODI Modules!
Download for yourself, and you will see that with MODI the possibilites are endless!

Smartphone Module

The Smartphone Module allows you to use the various functions of a smartphone with MODI.
You can utilize options such as the button, joystick, and slider as input modules.
You can use options such as the buzzer as output modules.

How to Use MODI Play?




[MODI Studio 1.9.0 업데이트 노트]

  • 신규 기능
    • 모듈 ID 동기화 기능
      • 듈 맵에서 새로운 모듈을 연결이 해제된 모듈에 드래그&드랍하면 모듈의 ID가 동기화됩니다.
    • 업로드 또는 리셋 중단 기능
      • 듈 맵에서 새로운 모듈을 연결이 해제된 모듈에 드래그&드랍하면 모듈의 ID가 동기화됩니다.