Hello, My world!

Use your imagination and create your own world!

HELLO, World

Use your imagination and create your own world!
MODI is smart block that can be easily used to make robots by anyone!

Just look, and make!

Drag the grammar image box even if it's high up to complete the code. Anyone can make what they want with ease!

When you drop it, it connects! So convenient!

The module simply connect magnetically, and infinite connections can be made in any direction!

Compatible with Lego, Scratch and Arduino!

MODI is compatible with Lego so you can create even cooler things. Also, it's compatible with Entry, Scratch, and even Arduino!

Starting MODI Modules

When you connect module, MODI works because each Micro Controller Unit (MCU) allows the module to function as individual computers.
That's the secret of MODI!
These small MCUs have their own special MODI OS inside, so MODI works smart!

MODI Studio is more sophisticated,
and MODI Play is more fun!

MODI’s software lets you design and control MODI in a more sophisticated manner.

MODI Studio

Even if you do not know anything about coding, you can connect code module any way you like in MODI Studio to code a robot of your own.


You can use various smart phone functions just like MODI Modules!

Your Imagination Challenge!

You are the next MAKER to amaze the world!